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The Effects of Modern Technology on the Production of Embroidered Clothing in South-Western Nigeria (Published)

Research into embroidery practices in the South-Western Nigeria seems to be few and some of the studies on embroidery production on textile garments look superficial and on the peripheral level. Today, embroidery through machine has completely revolutionized the demand for embroidery designed products such as clothing and fashion accessories both locally and internationally. The invention of machine-tailored embroidery has made it possible to produce a wide range of design However, the modern technology has brought about better but more sophisticated tools and machines to help solve problems. Technology had continued to influence every sphere of endeavour of which the field of fashion and embroidery production in particular is not an exceptions. The effects of modern technology on the production of embroidery are assessed in this paper. The paper concludes and discovered that, majority of the embroiderers are not vast in the computer aided design, which producers use to make diverse designs on various items aside wearable apparel. Even those that use machines to make designs, still find it difficult to use the computer aided design (CAD) which is reigning in the fashion world today

Keywords: Computer Aided Design, Embroidered Clothing, Modern Technology, Nigeria