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ELT Methodology: Pragmatic Practices in the Context of Tesol (Published)

This paper highlights the pragmatic practices relevant to reflective practitioners in the context of Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL). Unhindered by the plethora of theoretical methods and professional discourse dominated mostly by native speakers, the purpose of this paper is to lend ‘voice’ to the ‘ordinary’ TESOL practitioners. At first, it analyses the background of the evolving field of English Language Teaching methodology. Second, it delineates the major trends of ELT methodology in the last two decades or so. Third, it explains the significance of pragmatic practices in the TESOL classroom. After that, it explores numerous pragmatic practices facilitating the ‘ordinary’ TESOL practitioners. Finally, the researcher believes that the practices, if implemented dexterously, can enhance language teaching & learning, and thereby could yield the desired pedagogic outcome.

Keywords: ELT, ELT Methodology, Pragmatic Practices, TESOL