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Cyber Crime and Cyber Security- Prevention and Control with Respect to Indian Cyber Laws (Published)

Electronic security and privacy are currently ruled by a completely ineffective regulatory body in India. The authority to prosecute and levy fines under the IT Act 2000 and the IT Amendment Act 2008 on non-compliance has slept for several years and relatively few major reforms have been made in recent years in the laws on cyber security, data security and identity safety. In 2013, the government drew up a national cyber security strategy, generating significant interest both in India and abroad, particularly as India was a growing outsourcing destination. Regrettably, reforms were not easily available for purposes that had such a detrimental effect on the government’s objective of timely, robust and strict regulations in these matters.The increasing spike in cybercrime produces over-dependent governments and technology firms. Today, cyber crime is rising.Wars between nations will move from military struggle to cyberspace in the immediate future. Cyber-battles can now be valuable weapons in the hands of global force rivals; cybercrime will also become a business for $1 million. We need straightforward and easy approaches to reduce cybercrime. To tackle cybercrime. While the suspects are still unfaced, they could be your neighbour next door, or in another urban area or world. This crime can be hard to control or dissuade. This form of crime may be directed toward governmental institutions, ministries and enterprises irrespective of scale and size. As free and open resources are available online and scripting will also allow children to download and run against any unknown targets without knowing what the attacker needs to do on a daily basis. Attack techniques are now sophisticated and there are more and more methods to detect the targets if not impossible.

Citation: Santosh Sambhajirao Pawar (2022) Cyber Crime and Cyber Security- Prevention and Control with Respect to Indian Cyber Laws, Global Journal of Politics and Law Research, Vol.10, No.5, pp.63-68

Keywords: Control, Cyber Crime, Protection, Risk, act, cyber law, cyber-space, elimination

Why Nigeria Must Care for, Eliminate and Eradicate Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) (Published)

This paper thoroughly reviewed why Nigeria needs to care for, eliminate, and eradicate the neglected tropical disease (NTDs). The paper relied on the review of related literature to sufficiently expound on intervention, accomplishments, disadvantages, and techniques of eradication and elimination of NTDs in Nigeria. It has been documented that NTDs affect about two billion people worldwide, accounting for a quarter of the world’s population, with Africa accounting for over 40% of those affected. Although neglected tropical diseases are preventable and treatable, a significant amount of funds has been invested to eradicate and eliminate them. NTDs are diseases of the poor, according to reports, and efforts to eradicate them must address the causes of poverty as NTDs can cause a variety of problems. This paper suggested ways to eradicate NTDs in Nigeria including strengthening public health systems and supporting governments in the elimination of NTDs and limiting the transmission of disease pathogens by effective vector control among others.

Keywords: CDC, Intervention, NTDs, Nigeria, elimination, preventable diseases