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Manifestation of Elements of Joy in Manouchehri Damghani Poetry (Review Completed - Accepted)

Joy is one of the important themes in Persian poetry that has distinctively been expressed in Manouchehri Damghani poems, one of the foremost poets of the mid-fourth and fifth century AD. Favorable situation in that era attracted writers, scholars and artists to the court of kings and eulogium, and their comfortable living and pleasure led them further towards joyful thoughts. Since Manouchehri was a cheerful, pleasure-seeking, realistic poet, he created a world full of happiness in his poems mainly by relying on visual effects of nature.Inthis paper, the most important elements of joy in Manouchehri poetry including description of different celebrations, effects of nature, birds, flowers, various seasons, etc. were studied by providing some samples. The results obtained by this study indicated that poets of the first period of Persian poetry, especially Manouchehri Damghani, were delighted poems and made the best use of the effects and elements of nature to express their thoughts

Keywords: Description, Elements Of Joy, Joy, Khorasani Style, Manouchehri Damghani, Poetry