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Fashion makes a dramatic statement about one’s personality and when worn with elegance and flair, gives an impression of sophistication and style. That is why a true fashion designer is said to possess the ability to transform a piece of fabric into a work of art. It can be said therefore that, the proper use of elements of art play an important role in designing beautiful and attractive dresses.That is why several factors ought to be considered before choosing the right design elements and principles for a fabric. This and many other factors led to the need to understand designers and consumers technicalities on the proper use of elements and principles for designing apparel. The study employed structured questionnaire survey of 105 respondents of fashion designers and consumers with basic ideas on fashion. The data analysis was carried out with simple frequency levels and using the regression analysis to test the hypothesis of the study and determine the coefficient of the effects of elements and principles on fashion design. It was established that, most consumers and designers have a general idea on elements and principles of design as being part of garment construction and daily dressing codes but also acknowledge that they were not aware of its technicalities and effects on the overall look of fashion. The study however recommends that, a broader awareness on these materials of design with descriptive and common word should be selected and that which easily represents each concept group and effectively communicates its essence

Keywords: Apparel and Clothing, Elements and Principles, Fashion Design