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The Qualities of Effective EFL teachers in Elementary Governmental Schools from the Perspective of EFL Elementary Teachers (Published)

This study was designed to investigate the perception of elementary teachers of English in elementary schools of Kuwait regarding the qualities of effective EFL teachers. The participants were 487 female English teachers. A 50-item adopted questionnaire was administered to these teachers asking them about qualities a good EFL teacher should possess according to three dimensions: knowledge, teaching, and personal characteristics. Results indicated that in the knowledge dimension, being familiar with the English language culture and English language proficiency are the first two qualities for effective EFL teachers; however, conducting action research was the last ranking quality. In the teaching dimension, the teacher participants believed that knowing how to evaluate pupils is the first ranking quality of teaching, followed by being aware of current teaching techniques and selecting appropriate supplementary materials. As for personal characteristics, the participants gave the first three ranks of personal characteristics to being confident, self-controlled, followed by being enthusiastic.

Keywords: EFL Teachers, EFL elementary teachers, Governmental Schools, elementary