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Determinants of Use of Electronic Wallet Scheme by Farmers In Imo State, Nigeria (Published)

The study investigated determinants of use of e-wallet scheme among farmers in Imo State, Nigeria. It specifically identified the farmers’ sources of information on e-wallet, determined the inputs supplied through e-wallet, ascertained the farmers’ perceived effects of e-wallet and determined constraints to the use of e-wallet. Data were collected from a sample of 240 farmers with the aid of structure questionnaire and were analyzed using mean statistic, percentages and bar chart. The hypothesis was tested using ordinary least square regression analysis. Results showed that radio (100%), mobile phones (100%) and newspapers (66.7%) were the major sources of information on e-wallet; inputs supplied through e-wallet included fertilizers (X = 2.9), maize seeds (X = 2.5), cassava cuttings (X = 2.3), fingerlings (X = 2.1) and agrochemicals (X = 2.0); perceived effects of use of e-wallet included increased income (90.00%), exposure to more agricultural enterprises (85.00%), increase productivity (85.42%) and timely access to inputs (64.56%). It was further revealed that high cost of inputs (89.58%), poor transportation network (87.50%) and bureaucratic bottlenecks were the major constraints facing the scheme. It was recommended that innovative strategies for financing agricultural projects be introduced so that farmers could afford required quantities of inputs. Also, the input distribution system should be decentralized to reduce bureaucratic bottlenecks.

Keywords: Agricultural Transformation Agenda, Determinants of Farmers Use, Electronic Wallet Scheme, Nigeria