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The Legal Framework of Electronic Contract in the Jordanian Legislation (Published)

Electronic contract requires acceptation, reason, price and place and all the condition which specifying the responsibilities of the contractual obligations, but the electronic contract differs from the traditional contract in the usage mean that show or offering the contract. Therefore; the electronic contract is being done without the presence of the parties in the council of the contract, which raises some legal difficulties, like the opening nature and global of the internet and the confidentiality of exchanged information. And to determine the eligibility of contractor, place and time of the contract, this refer to the privacy of the non-material electronic letters such as: information message which raised a question about the extent of counting it in the contract and the approval of it too, the legislator should put the lines and the principles of electronic contract to held it correctly in the electronic way.

Keywords: Electronic Acceptance, Electronic Contract, Electronic Offer, Electronic Transaction Act, Jordan