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Developing Rural Communities in Nigeria Through Information and Communication Technologies and the Potential Barriers (Published)

The roles of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in all spheres of human activities have been applauded by researchers and/or professionals in the field. Rural community development is a critical driving force in a nation’s advancement. The effort is to address and successfully support the specific needs and opportunities of the communities and their inhabitants. As a result, any nation that has weak or undeveloped rural communities finds it extremely difficult to reach the height of its developmental stride. In the same manner, the role of new technologies in modern times cannot be quickly exhausted in a hurry. As a result, this paper attempts to identify and conceptualize “ICTs” and “Community development”. It also attempts to understand the technological tools, and how these various tools are used to address community developments, particularly in Nigeria and the wider world at large. The paper further examined the challenges or obstacles hindering the effective use of Information and Communication Technology tools in rural community development in contemporary times. The authors finally made suggestions for combating the effective implementation of ICT tools in rural community developments.

Keywords: Community development, ICTs, and rural development, electronic development, technology tools