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Fabrication and Testing of an Electric Oven (Published)

This research was carried out with the aim to fabricate and test an electric oven from locally available materials, with the objectives to fabricate electric oven for baking and cooking, electric oven that will be affordable compare to the ones obtainable in the market and to discourage deforestation in our communities. The materials used were metal plate 6.543mm, iron rod 12mm, welding electrodes, electric heat filament, mesh wires, connecting wires 4mm, temperature controlling device (analogue). The iron rods were used to construct electric oven frame in the form of a box with the provisions of inner walls where lagging materials was installed and finally electric welding was used to join the metal plates and the frame. The fabricated electric oven was tested and it was observed that it works with effectiveness and high performance from the result obtained.

Citation:  Ayigun S., Akintunji L L., and Muhammad U. (2022) Fabrication and Testing of an Electric Oven, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology Studies, Vol.10, No.4, pp.1-6

Keywords: electric heat filament, electric oven, electric welding, frame, inner wall