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Impact of Educational Training on the Family Caregivers of Elderly Living With Dementia in Owo Ondo-State Nigeria (Published)

Introduction: Caring for elderly by family caregivers are becoming cumbersome due to increase in degenerative disorders such as dementia which interfere with both cognitive and behavioural domains of the affected person, therefore this study was with a view to explored the impart of educational intervention on the family caregivers of elderly living with dementia. Methodology: A quasi-experimental pre and post-test design was adopted. 56 participants were purposively selected and 28 were assigned to experimental and control groups in dyad. Two instruments were used to collect data, which were Caregiver Assessment Questionnaire with two sections adapted to the study and Self Care Assistance Intervention Scale. Result: it showed that the mean age of family caregivers were 47±15.6 with 91.1% female and 39.3% were spouses. The mean score for pre, post1, and post2 for experimental group were 58.8±10, 70.9±9.3 and 85.2±8.4 while control group were 59.5±10.2, 64.5±14.0 and 58.1±10.1 respectively. Conclusion: The study concludes that the educational intervention promote home-based care delivery by family caregivers of elderly with dementia

Keywords: Elderly and Dementia, Family Caregivers, Home-Based Care