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Sperm Quality of the Stud Bulls Depending On the Year Season (Published)

The results of studying the sperm biotechnological indicator breed peculiarities of the various breed bulls on the year seasons are given.It determined that bull sperm quality is influenced by such factors as year season.

Keywords: Ejaculate, Sperm, Sperm Concentration, Stud Bull, Year Season

Comparative Analysis of Holstein, Black-Motley, Angler, Simmental Bulls Semen (Published)

Providing the population of country with high-quality and safe animal products is a top priority of modern science and practice. To solve this problem should be involved cattle genetic resources of domestic and foreign origin. Intensive technology of milk and meat production depends directly on the creation of highly productive animals with a high capacity for adaptation, disease-resistance and suitable for long-term economic use. In the field of breeding a special place is given to the problem of effective selection and evaluation of farm animals by productive and breeding qualities. In the improvement of breeding and productive qualities of animals special role play sires. In the reproduction of the herdthe more widespread isartificial insemination. In this regard, increases the relevance of the selection of sires, evaluation of new genotypes of animals in both dairy and beef directions.

Keywords: Bull, Ejaculate, Quality, Reproductive, Sperm