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Integrated Listening Activities on EFL Learners’ Speaking Fluency (Published)

This study attempts to investigate the effect of integrated listening activities on EFL learners’ speaking fluency within the framework of task-based activities in the hope of improving their competence. A total number of 30 female students from Safir English Institute in Lahijan, Iran participated in this study as a control and an experimental group. Traditional teaching methods of listening were applied for the control group, whereas in the experimental group integrated listening tasks were applied. A standard sample of IELTS speaking test was administered as the pre-test. At the end of the semester, a post-test was given to the students to determine the influence of the treatment on the experimental group. The data analysis using SPSS (version 19.0) revealed that the subjects in the experimental group performed better on the post-test than the control group. The results of the study confirm the strong effects of integrated  technique compared to the traditional approach in teaching language skills to Iranian learners. On the other hand it has an incredible  effect which could help the students to be motivated in performing English fluently from high school or even lower levels. Implementing such a method can provide much of the input and data that learners receive in language learning.  

Keywords: EFL Learners' Speaking Accuracy, Integrated Listening Activities