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Social Media Tools as Mediums of Effective Services Delivery in University Libraries in Ogun State, Nigeria (Published)

This study examines social media tools as mediums of effective services delivery in University Libraries in Ogun State, Nigeria. The population of the study comprised of Library Assistant, Library Officers and Librarians. The study covered 14 University Libraries and 188 library personnel. Questionnaire was used for data collection. The instruments were into three sections. Findings of the study revealed that selective dissemination of information, user education services and current awareness services were in preference to other library services. This was followed by organising training and seminars to educate librarians who would be responsible for all activities on social media to ensure quick response to users information needs in the University libraries in Ogun State, Nigeria. Some of the recommendations were that Internet available and services are very important and should be provided, adequate education be given to librarians in carryout social media activities and finally, there should be constant and regular supply of power to the university libraries in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Keywords: effective services delivery, social media tools, university libraries