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Effective Teaching for Effective Learning of Esp: A Case Study of the Holy Qurãn University- Sudan (Published)

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the type of teaching ESP, in the Holy Qurān University at Wadmadani- Sudan, since it does not offer students the benefits that should be offered. The researcher conducts this study in three faculties of the above setting, using the descriptive analytical method. Moreover, he makes use of two instruments: a questionnaire and a direct observation as most appropriate tools for obtaining valuable in-depth information for this study. Furthermore, he uses the SPSS programme to compute the scores. One of the findings is that teaching ESP in the University of the Holy Qurān is not powerful as it does not lead up to effective learning. The researcher recommends that ESP teachers should use classroom activities when they teach ESP, since activities provide opportunities, improve the standard of student talk, help to individualize instruction, promote a positive affective climate, and stimulate students to learn.

Keywords: English for Specific Purposes (ESP), English for general purposes (EGP), effective learning, effective teaching., in-depth information