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Teachers’ Attitude toward a Foreign Language: Factors Effecting the Target Language Teaching Process (Published)

The purpose of this study is to find out the teachers’ attitude toward reaching effective teaching process as well as the key factors which influenced their attitude for selecting this profession. It was carried out during the fall semester 2016/ 2017. The participants were 42 males and 117 female English language teachers, a total of 159 English teachers. They were all randomly selected and were all teaching English as a foreign language in different stages in Kuwaiti public elementary schools. The data was collected through a questionnaire and an individual interviews. The results mainly showed the teachers’ attitude reflected on their passion to learn more about this language and its culture. Moreover, some teachers associate English language teaching with the language of the British Colonialization. Others see English simply as a means of doing business and making money.

Keywords: Effective Language Teaching, English as a foreign language, English language teaching, Teachers’ Attitude