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Using Music: An Effective Medium of Teaching Vocabulary in ESL Classroom (Published)

Music can be used in ESL classroom to create a learning environment. It can be used in teaching second language acquisition as an effective vehicle for the rich literary content that lyrics hold. Music can be applied as a powerful instrument to help second language learners to acquire vocabulary. Learners of second language always perceive vocabulary acquisition as boring task. As listening to music and singing songs are enjoyable to students, it can be used effectively to acquire vocabulary in second language. This paper reports a study to find out how music accelerates vocabulary acquisition as the learners stay relaxed and thus learning becomes more enjoyable. To conduct the study, the researcher formed two groups namely Music and Non Music group. Data were collected through class observation, test, questionnaires and interview. The finding shows that music group performed well in acquiring and remembering vocabulary than non-music group. They also enjoyed vocabulary learning activities based on listening songs.

Keywords: ESL Classroom, Effective Instrument, Music, Relax Environment, Vocabulary learning