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Pedagogical Competency Improvement Needs for Employment of Accounting Education Students in North- east Nigeria (Published)

The study examined the pedagogical competency improvement needs for employment of undergraduate accounting education students in North-east, Nigeria. The study had two research questions and one null hypothesis. Descriptive survey research design was adopted for the study. A sample of 281 final year undergraduate accounting education students was selected out of the population of 312. There was no sampling for the 52 accounting educators structured questionnaire was used for data collection. The questionnaire was structured to collect data relating to the level of importance of the skills to the needs of undergraduate accounting education students and the second rating scale was used to collect data on the extent to which the skills were developed among the students. The structured questionnaire was validated and pilot tested, a reliability coefficient of 0.79 was obtained. The data were collected by the researcher assisted by ten trained research assistants. The data were analyzed using Table of frequencies, mean scores, standard deviations, and improvement needs index to answer the research questions, while the hypothesis was tested using independent sample t. test. The study disclosed that all the pedagogical competencies were adjudged by accounting educators as very important for inclusion in the curriculum of undergraduate accounting education students. Based on the findings, it was recommended that the curriculum of undergraduate accounting education students should be restructured to include all the areas of deficiencies identified in this study and that accounting educators should focus attention on developing the skills of students to meet the expectations and needs of employers.

Citation: Victoria Amelia Enemali (2021) Pedagogical Competency Improvement Needs for Employment of Accounting Education Students in North- east Nigeria, International Journal of Education, Learning and Development, Vol. 9, No.6, pp.41-57

Keywords: Accounting Education, Effective classroom management, effective classroom assessment, effective teaching practice, improvement needs index, use of technology in teaching

Effective Classroom Management: A Panacea for Enhancing Students Learning Experience and Satisfaction in Higher Education (Published)

Classroom is a very important school physical plant designed to achieve quality teaching and learning for the improvement of standard in education. The purpose of this study is to determine how effective classroom management can enhance students’ learning experience and satisfaction in higher education. Classroom is characterized by high expectations, excellence, standards and caring environment. It is specifically meant for special qualitative interactions, facilitation and pedagogical instructions between the teachers and the students and where this is not obtainable, distractive environment erupts. This distractive environment has greater influence on participants regardless of how the students are organized for learning or what educational philosophy and pedagogy teachers espouse. Classroom learning friendly environment promotes high academic learning, experience, satisfaction, morale tone of the learner and attainment of goals in higher education. This can only be achieved through effective classroom management. The teacher as the chairman of classroom affairs has the duty and obligation to ensure efficient and effective classroom management strategies. He must take cognizance of variance and differences in the student’s background (i.e. ideas, goals, socio – economic, preferences, abilities and religion etc.). These make teacher’s role more challenging. The classroom teacher must be skillful in learning management in order to succeed. The justification of this research and aim of classroom management is to maintain positive, productive and friendly learning environment. This is very necessary because there cannot be effective teaching and learning process without an effective classroom management. This paper discusses the concepts of management, classroom management, purpose of classroom management, effective classroom management, principles of teaching, characteristics of teaching and ethics. It also recommends that teachers should imbibe the ethics of effective classroom management for the enhancement of students learning experience and satisfaction in higher education.

Keywords: Effective classroom management, Teacher, learner and learning environment