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This Current Research aims to Shed Light on the Factors that Influencing The psycho burnout phenomenon among workers In the following three banks: AL Rasheed Bank (Saidiya, Baya’a, Arkhitah) And order These Factors In terms of the importance degree of Influencing Through a Survey Sample of individuals Views about (57). These Answers were analyzed by using standard deviation and correlation coefficient test and Spearman (Shevy) to detect differences in these answers depending On Personal Features. The research conclusions: The research proves that there is variation in severity of the impact of the factors in the phenomenon of burnout among workers in the surveyed banks and the order of these factors as the degree of Influence In the phenomenon (Professional, Individual, and Social) dimension. The research proved that there is a relationship between the happening of psycho-burnout phenomenon and its three dimensions. Absence of moral Differences of psych-burnout factors among the surveyed banks due to the personal characteristics such us (Age, Marital Status, Number of Service Years and Administrative Level).

Keywords: Burnout, Effecting Factors, Statistical Study