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How to Increase Current and Savings Accounts in Indonesian Bank (Case Study at Branch X of Bank ABC) (Published)

Branch X took place in Region IV of the Industrial Estates of Jabodetabek. Its strategic position made it one of the flagship branches. Low-cost funds, namely current and savings accounts, became two significant parameters to see an overall increase in market share in the area of Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung. At the time, Branch X had not achieved the targets set by management. Therefore, the branch should improve because Management wanted growth at 18% in the next five years, averagely. This study aimed to identify external and internal factors that influence and then formulate several alternative strategies through the IE Matrix. The results of the matrix showed that Branch X’s position was in quadrant V, so the strategy that must be taken was ‘hold and maintain’, namely market penetration and product development. Product development cannot be done at the Branch level, but rather must be at the Head Office. As a result, several alternative market penetration options were also in line with the tools that have been given by Management in ‘12 Sources of Current and Savings Accounts in Region IV’.

Keywords: Banking, EFE Matrix, IE Matrix, IFE Matrix, Porter’s Five Forces, QSPM