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Institutional Academic Culture and Effective Implementation of Educational Technology Curriculum in Tertiary Institutions in Cross River State, Nigeria (Published)

This study investigated institutional academic culture influences educational technology curriculum implementation in tertiary institutions in Cross River State, Nigeria. To achieve the purpose of the study, two research questions were posed and two null hypotheses were formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance. The study adopted the ex-post facto research design. The population of the study comprises of two thousand seven hundred and seventy-one (2,771) students of educational technology studying in the University of Calabar, the Cross River University of Technology, Calabar College of Education Akamkpa and College of Education Obudu, all in Cross River State. A total sample of six hundred and eighty-two (682) students was used for the study. The collected data was analyzed using One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) with LSD Post-hoc analysis for the two hypotheses. The findings of the study revealed that institutional academic culture significantly influence educational technology curriculum implementation in tertiary institutions in Cross River State Nigeria, it was recommended among other things that every school should make it compulsory to have regular laboratory experience to enhance the learning experiences and also promote creative culture through adherence to students centered learning method.

Keywords: Cross River State, Curriculum, Educational Technology, Effective Implementation, Tertiary Institutions, institutional academic culture

Analysis of Data With Statistical Evidence of Educational Technology Standards Implementation in Basic Schools in Ghana (Published)

At a time of educational expansion, improving the quality of education and training is a critical issue and ICT is known in enhancing the quality of education in several ways by increasing learner motivation and engagement, by facilitating the acquisition of basic skills, as well as a transformational tool which, when used appropriately, can promote the shift to a learner-centered environment. The research aimed in bringing out how technology is to be incorporated into education as a means of Transforming Learning Environments for a better achievement of educational standards Analysis of data gathered gave a statistical evidence of Educational Technology implementation in basic schools in Ghana by teachers and the aspiration to promote an environment of professional learning using ICT by Administrators.

Keywords: Educational Technology, Standards, Statistical Evidence, basic schools, data

Educational Technology in Saudi Arabia: A Historical Overview (Published)

This paper is a descriptive paper on the emergence of the new and relatively new phenomena on e-learning in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of this paper is to highlight key phases and changes towards e-education in general. Also, it highlights the history of using educational technology in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the mid-1900s, the beginning, the improvements, and the current status. Finally, it also describes the rapid increases in using technology in schools, institutes and universities, and presents the attitudes of Saudi people towards this global phenomenon, so-called e-learning. The paper serves as a literature review of e-leaning/e-education in Saudi Arabia.

Keywords: E-education, E-learning, Educational Technology, Saudi Arabia


Educational technology as a term and as a field of specialization is considered to be a relatively new field in education. Based on this, the concept sounds new to a lot of people including a good number of teachers and learners. It is yet to be well rooted in the Nigerian educational system. However, it should be noted that its newness is in terms of terminology, in the redefinition of concepts, in the realignment of child learning psychology with behavioural oriented classroom activities and in the matching together of curriculum and human resources. It is important to note that elements of Educational Technology have always been present in educational practices in the Nigerian schools which brought about gradual changes in the use of educational technology in the classroom. This paper therefore examines the application of educational technology to teaching and learning in the classroom and educational technology as a solution to the problem of curriculum practices in the Nigerian education system. Some generalizations on the effective use of educational technology in the classroom settings, conclusion and recommendations were made

Keywords: Classroom, Educational Technology