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Ethics and Practicalities in undertaking an Educational Research: some issues (Published)

Research contributes new knowledge in the universe of knowledge in many ways but an effective research design is a must. A research design is comprised of several issues, such as, data collection and analysis methods, and techniques. However, research ethics and practical aspects of the context also play a significant role for getting rich data, reliable findings and eventually to generalise the results. This paper narrates the story of the ethical and practical issues encountered during my Ph.D fieldwork. This study demonstrates the ethical issues such as, to maintain confidentiality of the data collected, to make sure of participants’ mental, physical, financial, and professional safety and security. This article further explores the practical issues, for examples, access in the filed, rapport building, informed consent, transport and communication, weather condition of the research contexts, and participant teachers’ training schedule. An analytical approached is undertaken to carry out this research and an assessment has been made that could be of help for other scholars and researchers.


Keywords: Access, Ethics, Informed consent, Practicalities, Rapport building, educational research

Adopting Alternative Methodologies and Practices in Educational Research in Higher Education in Nigeria (Published)

Alternative methodologies and practices have gained prominence in educational research in the 21st century. The application of other research methodologies and practices challenges the one-fit-all approach associated with a single research methodology in educational research. The current practice is one that has developed to re-position the subsisting culture of research to rather assume a multidirectional trajectory in educational research in higher institutions of learning. While this is the case in the educational systems of other contexts, it raises concern about whether alternative methodologies and practices also apply in educational research in higher education in Nigeria. This literature examines what obtains in the Nigerian context, and where there seems to be gaps, strives to inspire a rethink of the existing research methodology and practices in educational research for better research in higher education in Nigeria.

Keywords: Higher Education, Nigeria, Practices, educational research, methodologies