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Educational Inequality and Gendered Disability in Nigerian Community: what Guidance Counsellors and Mass Communicators must do for Concerned Pupils? (Published)

This research explored educational inequality among male and female disabled pupils in Southern Nigeria. Situating the literature on special, mainstream and inclusive education, various dynamics that intersect with their schooling were examined. Reviewing how guidance counsellors and mass communicators could synergise and sensitise the community in order to boost educational access for disabled people, phenomenological research with semi-structured interviews were applied. Twelve male and female mainstream secondary school pupils who participated in special pre-secondary education volunteered information on their school experiences. After a thematic content analysis of data, these findings were made. The pupils understand the dynamics that interplay with their education. Distant-located special pre-secondary schooling and mono-gender mainstream secondary education expose them to exclusion. Mature ones are mostly educated alongside children. Education remains a lone progression option for adult visually-impaired primary school leavers. Huge knowledge gaps exist among professionals on how best to support them. They are not adequately involved in their service progressions. Gender is not responsible for educational inequality in disability, but overprotection of disabled females. However, as suitable disability and inclusion knowledge deficits encumbered their access to education, a guidance counselling cum mass communication arranged psychosocial reorientation radio programmes was recommended as a panacea for change.

Keywords: Nigerian community, educational inequality, gendered disability, guidance counsellors, mass communicators