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Engineering Education of E-Learning (Published)

Since the beginning of human , man trying to accomplishment and progress in effort has been spared and always trying to find the best, easiest, fastest, most cost-effective and … ways for this. Human knowledge is regarded by governments and nations .This century have most advances in science and technology , and obviously, despite this progress, face to face communication can’t answering to community needs training and knowledge transfer ,thus ,new ways of communication are required. Rapid advances in technology and media and the rapid spread of information and communication technologies, change the nature of how and why the place and time of learning and the emergence of a new type of learning is called e-learning. E-learning has evolved combination of traditional methods of teaching and learning using information technology that, the early twenty-first century as the preferred method of learning in an era of knowledge is introduced. The important step in development of E-Learning is learning capabilities and behavior of individuals and their attitudes. To increase the effectiveness of the training should increase awareness on this issue.to train people must to be use of engineering methods .so ,at first we must to specify the individual learning needs in various age and various groups of people and then prioritizing and planning. It is the responsibility of educating engineers.

Keywords: Educational Engineering, Electronic Learning, Information Technology