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Single Parenting and Its Effects on Students’ Academic Performance in Kumba III Municipality, Meme Division, Cameroon (Published)

The main objective of this study was to investigate the effect of single parenting on students’ academic performance in Kumba III Municipality, Meme Division of Cameroon. In order to achieve this aim, literature was reviewed under the concepts of study. The survey research design was used and the research approach was quantitative. Questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection. Purposive sampling technique was employed in selecting the schools while the simple random sampling technique was used to select the participants of the study. The sample size of the study constituted of 370 students selected from a total student population of 8655 students drawn from four schools.  The data was analysed using SPSS version 25.0 to produce descriptive statistics. Data were presented on tables and charts with frequency and percentages. The findings of this study reveal that single parenting influences the academic performance of the children as most single parents do not have a reliable source of income, do not always pay their children’s fees on time, do not provide most of their school needs (textbooks, school bag and shoes) and do not regularly provide food for their children before and after school. Also, it was revealed that the educational attainment of single parents influences the academic performance of students as more than half of single parents in Kumba III Municipality were uneducated; do not always check their children’s books at home; do not always create time to do assignments with their children at home; do not always attend PTA meetings in school and do not always create time to discuss with them about school. Findings also show that, single parenting is caused by unfaithfulness, marital violence, premarital pregnancy, poverty, divorce and death of spouse. Based on the findings, the researcher made some recommendations to the Ministry of Family and social welfare, school administrators and Parents

Keywords: Single parenting, causes of single parenting and students’ academic performance, educational attainment of single parents, income status of single parents