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How Should The Educatıon Of Thınkıng Be? “Thınkıng Wıth Multıdımensıonal Perspectıves” (Published)

The purpose of the education of thinking is to develop children’s ability to establish cause and effect relation and support their judging ability by making them think on concepts that are important for them. Thinking with different perspectives points out to the process which includes thinking about what lies behind the things in order to identify the meaning and purpose of a situation, researching the factors that affect the condition, analyzing, and thinking about what to do further. Thinking with different perspectives reveals a multidimensional thinking approach. For the development of thinking with multidimensional perspectives, it’s important to observe, compare, discover, deduce, communicate, interact, be motivated, be recognized socially, be independent, experience the nature, be supported by teacher/adults. The education of thinking with Multidimensional Perspectives can be carried out for people of any ages, from infants to adults. During the process of thinking with multidimensional perspectives, some topics such as self knowledge, knowledge of the others, being aware of a third person/object or a situation, group perspective, social and global perspective dimensions can be examined and situations/cases can be studied. In this study, five dimensions which are important for thinking with multidimensional perspectives are studied and information are presented with regards to Application Stages for Thinking with multidimensional perspectives.

Keywords: Child, Education of Thinking, Teacher