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The influence between Education Level, Motivation, Conflict and the Role of Female Workers to Family income (Case Study on Dodol Business in Pasar Bengkel Perbaungan, Serdang Bedagai) (Published)

The research analyse know the Influence of Education Level, Motivation, and Conflict Role of Female Worker to Family Income (Case Study on Dodol Business in Pasar Bengkel Kabupaten Serdang Bedagai). The research method is quantitative method. Population is employees at Dodol Business in Pasar Bengkel Perbaungan Kabupaten Serdang Bedagai amounted to 50 people. The result of this research is partially positive influence between the Education Level and Family Income. Partially Motivation has a positive effect on family income. Partially there is a negative effect of conflict on the role of women’s work on family income. Simultaneously there is influence of independent variable level of education, motivation, and work role conflict to family income dependent variable equal to 75,3%.

Keywords: Education Level; Motivation, Role Of Women’s Worker; Family Income