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Education in Japan and Cambodia: Past, Present, and Future. (Published)

This paper explored the context, distinctive nature of Japanese and Cambodian education systems history, and establishment by preliminary document studies. It briefly described education reforms and trends towards twenty-first-century education globally. The paper reviewed the evolution and modernization of education in the past, present, and future of both countries. It presented the historical education systems and reforms from one regime to another involving the fundamental education laws, education administration, and school management policies before, during, after world war II, and current education management systems in Japan. The paper also stated the education systems and schooling in Cambodia started at Buddhist monastic (wat) as schools, the education structures and reforms before and after World War II, zero education during Pol Pot regime, and development education with precisely education strategic plan by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports (MoEYS) at present. The paper addressed the education trends toward education globally by 2030 of both countries. This study would be a significant academic source for educators and other researchers. The paper recommended further study on i) the impacts of education reforms and ii) the relationship between current education implementation and its trend of both countries.

Keywords: and future, education in Japan and Cambodia, past, present