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Investigating the Literary Components of Print Media: A Case of Punch and Guardian Newspapers (Published)

The paper investigates the literary components of print media with specific reference to Punch and Guardian Newspapers as case studies. It uses syntax and semantics components of the English language as units of inquiry. The paper starts by describing the history of the newspaper in Nigeria and conceptualizes the syntax and semantics components in media. Also, the review of the documentary evidence as secondary resources from journal articles, paper reports and books were utilised in gathering the information used in analysing the situation. The syntax of any language is governed by rules that are fairly stable and which, unlike the phonology, cuts across both horizontally and vertically among the users while semantics is the study of meaning.  The paper unravels the appropriate usage of syntax and semantics of English language to pass across messages to reader by removing the ambiguity, and minimizing errors when it comes to newspaper editorials.

Keywords: Editorials, Media, Newspaper, Semantics, Syntax

Contextual Analysis of the Political Contents of Nigerian National Newspapers Editorials in the 2011 and 2015 General Elections (Published)

The mass media clarifies issues; as was the case in the 2011 and 2015 elections. Whereas campaigns in the period were fraught with ideological justification, the electorates had to make choices. National newspapers editorial pronouncements needed to be established to ascertain their contributions to democratic enthronement. With the six geo-political zones of the nation, 5 national dailies: The Sun, The Punch, This Day, Leadership and Daily Trust were considered. The constructed and continuous week consideration resulted in 14 days, per daily/annum as sample size, using the code sheet with the content analysis research design. With reliability of 0.89 coefficient and employing simple percentages, it was found that the political contents of Nigerian national newspapers in year 2011 outnumbered those of year 2015 notwithstanding that general entries increased in 2015 than 2011.Topical editorials were advised.

Keywords: Content analysis, Contextual Analysis, Editorials, Elections, Nigerian National Newspapers, Political Contents.