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Eco-Tourism Potential in Protected Areas and Its Sustainable Development Challenges (Published)

The object of research is Eco-Tourism in protectad areas and its Sustainable Development Challenges. It should be noted that national parks and protected areas have huge potential for ecotourism development. Its goal is to conserve ecosystems and create environmental awareness between people. Sustainable tourism means the duty of the society to provide  the protection and maintenance of the environment for the future generations.We should realize what does ecologically sustainable environment means for the development of tourism and what  part in this case plays eco-tourism as one of the main part of the development of the sustainable tourism. So, as to provide sustainable economy for tourism, tourist sustainability is needed. During the sustainable development  of tourism the resources should be used so as to satisfy economic, social and  esthetic needs, but at the same time maintain the originality of the country. The main biological variety of the environment and the main tourist systems, the stable development of tourism should provide social, cultural, ecological and economical criteria of harmonic mixture, which will give us not only maintenance of natural and cultural resources, but will become the predominance of their development and  renovation.

Keywords: Ecological sustainability, Economical sustainability, Ecotourism, Recreational resources, Sustainable tourism