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The Relationship between Amman Stock Exchange (Ase) Sector and Ase General Index Performance (Published)

The purpose of the study is to investigate the influence of Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) sectors on ASE general index performance. To approach the aim of the study, practical data were used in the empirical analysis collected from ASE market for the period 2000 -2012. Statistical techniques used were: statistics, t-test, ANOVA test, correlation, multiple regressions and stepwise regression were employed. To confirm the suitability of data collection instrument, a Kolmogorov-Smirnov (K-S) test, Cronbach’s Alpha and factor analysis were used. The results of the study indicated positive significant relationships between Jordanian economic sectors and sub-sectors with ASE market performance. The results also showed that the financial sector has the highest effect on ASE market performance, followed by the industrial sector, then the services sector. The data is limited to Jordan ASE; therefore, generalizing results of a Jordanian setting to other countries may be questionable. Extending the analyses to other settings represent future research opportunities.

Keywords: ASE General Index, ASE Sectors and Sub-Sectors, Amman Stock Exchange (ASE), Economic Sectors and Sub-Sectors