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Using Adult Education to Revitalize Material Culture for Economic Recovery in Nigeria (Published)

In recessionary economies like Nigeria the populace are in constant state of agony and anguish. The challenging situation manifests in less trade and industrial activities, high rate of unemployment, and experience of inflationary trends by economic analysts. In this era of knowledge economy, the high cultures of Nigeria has remained untapped especially the art of making sculptures and other relevant crafts. This study therefore explores the potency of high culture (sculptures) in economic recovery. Acquisition of skills to make sculptures and other relevant crafts/decorations is an essential antidote to societal ills such as unemployment, social vices, inflation and the nation’s economic recession at large. For the purpose of continuity, the adults should teach these skills to the younger generation through Adult Education which is both non-formal and informal. It is therefore recommended inter alia that the National Council for Arts and Culture should encourage the acquisition of those skills regarded as high culture.    

Keywords: Adult Education, Economic Recovery., Material Culture