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Contribution of Green Orientation for the Organizational Performance: A Review of Stakeholder Relationships and Ecological Modernization Perspectives on Sustainability (Published)

Despite the fact that sustainability has become ever more important for business organizations today, sustainability initiatives in the social, environmental, and economic perspectives are still not properly integrated with each other or funneled down into the organizational level. Strategic green orientation (SGO) is derived from market orientation to adequately integrate the social, economic, and environmental perspectives as a new paradigm for the implementation of sustainable development principles at the business organizational level. This article attempts to explore the theoretical basis of SGO. This review builds on the stakeholder and ecological modernization theories to investigate the critical determinants of SGO and how it integrates the three different perspectives of sustainability to convert them for superior performance.   Based on theoretical foundations, this article explores a causal relationship between SGO and organizational performance that may stimulate further research and direct actions by decision makers and managers on sustainability perspectives in different industries such as tourism.   

Keywords: Business Organizations, Ecological Modernization Theory, Stakeholder Theory, Strategic Green Orientation, Sustainability