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Eco-Friendly Utilization of Fly Ash in Agriculture: A Review (Published)

Among all the treatments, application of fly ash at 120-180 t ha-1 levels were found beneficial for the plant growth and fresh weight of edible part. However, level higher than 180 t ha-1 was found to reduce growth and other parameters of brinjal. Study shows that the available nutrients present in fly ash are beneficial if fly ash is mixed at certain levels for a particular plant species. Findings of the study, reported, in terms of growth and fresh weight accumulation indicates the beneficial use of fly ash as an eco-friendly nonconventional fertilizer at 120 and 180 t ha-1 levels respectively, and address the problem of land utilization for fly ash disposal. Similarly, 5 to 10% fly ash-soil blending concentrations were found beneficial for the growth and yield of chilli plant. That means fly ash acts as an excellent soil modifier, conditioner and a source of essential nutrients for appreciably improving the texture and fertility with significant increase in crop yield over the control at a particular concentration only and is supportive to plant growth.


Keywords: Agriculture, Eco-Friendly Utilization, Fly Ash