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Evidence from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2007) is now overwhelmingly convincing that climate change is not only real but can also become worse. Climate change poses many challenges for Cities and Urban centres across the globe. The vulnerability to Climate Change related disasters is regularly brought to public attention by the incidences of tropical cyclones, floods, landslides and even drought through local and international media. Responses to climate change include adaptation to reduce the vulnerability of people and ecosystems to climatic changes and, secondly, mitigation to reduce the magnitude of climate change impact in the long term. However, neither adaptation nor mitigation alone can offset all climate change impacts. This calls for the simulation of how nature operates into city design process to evolve eco city concept. This study will therefore identify green infrastructure component of eco city principles including introduction of non motorized transportation mode; street tree program; wetland restoration and management to accommodate small scale aquaculture and home gardening; and establishment of parks as effective climate change mitigation measures in the city

Keywords: Climate Change, Climate Change Adaption, Eco-City Principles, Green House Gases., Mitigation, Wetland Restoration And Management