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Syrian refugee apprentices at Lebanese vocational schools: integration challenges (Published)

The conflict in Syria has been going on for eight years, and this led, according to UNHCR, to around 488 thousand school refugee children in Lebanon, nearly 2,000 of them are enrolled at Lebanese vocational schools. This paper shows the effect of enrollment of Syrian refugee trainees Lebanese vocational education’s public schools in term of access, and reveal the factors that hinder or encourage children refugees’ registration in vocational schools. This study evaluates the reasons behind successes and failures to register or dropout and tests further hypotheses related to links between vocational education and child labour, gender equality and early marriage.Data were collected among 200 refugees aged 15-20 enrolled at VET schools in Lebanon. Findings reveal that vocational education helps to control early marriage, child labour, and lack of social cohesion.The Lebanese Ministry of Education’s needs to create a refugee training policy to be ready to host more refugee trainees at the Public VET schools. An occupational, vocational training enrolment campaign and a national strategy for vocational education must include other initiatives related to child marriage and child labour.

Keywords: Child Labour, Refugee integration, Vocational education, early marriage