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The New Approach on Distance Learning Supported By Knowledge Bases and Semantic Web (Published)

In this paper, the authors deal with the new approach on distance learning with the use of technological solutions based on knowledge bases and the semantic web. There are large number of papers, books, studies and the like, which deal with electronic and mobile learning but there are almost no papers which deal with intelligent learning. New technologies based on knowledge bases and semantic web allow completely new approaches of learning to those who for whatever reasons do not want or cannot attend seminars, lectures, courses or any other form of training. Here, for the first time beside electronic (e-Learning), mobile (m-Learning) we introduce intelligent (i-Learning) and a unique integrated concept (e-m-i-Learning). In the paper it is used Protégé platform for the update of basic knowledge as the basis of different mode of distance learning. The emphasis in the paper is not only on distance study than on any other learning that they can organize and any other business system which is not bound by time and place.

Keywords: E-M-I-Learning, E-learning, Knowledge Bases, distance learning