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The Impact of Globalization on Developing HR Leadership Skills (Published)

The aim of this paper is to explore the required e-skill qualities for global HR leaders in emerging markets. The paper will analyze the impact of globalization on e-leadership skills, and will serve as the foundations for curriculum development, courses, workshops, and business practices related to leadership and human development.Secondary resources and research findings will be the main sources of data collection and analysis that determines the most important qualities and skills of e-leadership.The paper explores the most recent academic research on globalization and its impact on organization competitiveness in global environment. Globalization has a significant effect on economic volatility, culture, technology, and brings the biggest opportunities and challenges facing HR leaders in a multicultural environment. Global companies need to develop competencies framework and awareness of the new technology and social media to increase their competitive advantage through human capital.

Keywords: E-Leadership, Globalization, HR Managers, HR e-skills


The paper aims at defining the concept of electronic leadership, its role in supporting higher leadership and the transformation of traditional leaders into effective electronic leaders who are able to exploit effort, time and space for the purpose of organizational development. This paper emphasizes, in particular, the trend of transformation of organizations, which use old systems, into ones that use E-Leadership, which will become an effective strategic factor within these organizations.

Keywords: E-Leadership, System, Vision