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Using Porter’s Diamond to Determine the Condition of ICT in a Developing Country: A Study on Bangladesh (Published)

In this study, an attempt has been made to illustrate the circumstance of ICT in Bangladesh and that is basically descriptive in nature and mainly concentrates on secondary sources. ICT sector in Bangladesh has improved over the few years. The evolution to a more competitive environment has resulted in greater investment, more service providers, variety of innovative products, improve quality, lower cost and greater accessibility-all of which have a positive impact on the proliferation of ICT industry. The competition in telecommunication has increased and also the broadband penetration. E-Governance that can enhances the efficiency and effectiveness in the public sector and contributes to generate knowledge-base society. In the competitive world, there is pressure for e-Commerce, e-health, e-service, e-learning and e-transaction and this can make incessant advancement of ICT. Articulate and substantial policy and program promote ICT. Effective e-HRD program and R&D can enhance the innovativeness, efficiency and capabilities.

Keywords: E-Commerce, E-Governance, E-HRD, E-Health, E-Service, ICT