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Bangladesh e-GP: Data Analytics on Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) System (Published)

The use and magnitude of Electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) System in Bangladesh is increasing day by day and gaining ground gradually. Since its inception in 2011 e-GP System has brought about a revolutionary change in the area of public procurement area in Bangladesh. It has a tremendous impact on the overall cost reduction of both the procuring entity (PE) and tenderer community. Application of data analytics shows that e-GP has made the use of e-GP easier and accessible to all. Both the PE and tenderers can generate different customized data and reports which facilitates the decision making process. Whole working cycle of procurement has been optimized with the use of e-GP. In short, introduction of e-GP has reduced procurement lead time, increased operational and process efficiency which ultimately contributes to achieve overall organizational efficiency, transparency, accountability and ensured value for money.

Keywords: NTDB, PROMIS, Tender, e-CMS, e-GP