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Consumer Purchase Behavior: Potential Markets in Argentina for Brazilian E-Book Retailers (Published)

Traditional teaching materials, especially books and academic texts, fail to keep up with the increasing demands of the newly hyperconnected students in Latin America. It could represent an opportunity for retailers and publishers, in order to reposition their brands, through innovative strategic offers of digital products and services. This research considered the Argentinian macro-environment and characteristics of the sub-section of academic publishers. The structural factors of the proposed product in the subsegment supply chain, as well as the proposed positioning and potential competitive advantages in the microenvironment. Corresponding aspects to the adoption potential and usage continuity of the product (e-Book or e-Textbook) for the proposed subsegment. Primary data was gathered from a survey conducted with undergraduate and graduate students. This work provides a knowledge framework, so that companies – based on the proposed study, might develop action plans destined to position their brands in the identified subsegment in Argentina, solidifying the positioning next to the academic consumer. Discussion, research limitations, and future research compile this work.

Keywords: Competitive Advantage, E-Books, consumer purchase behavior


The first part of this paper seeks to explicate the postmodernist tendency to explore what they call ‘mininarratives’ in their scheme of ideas. It also attempts to justify the need to do research on the emerging alternatives, indigenous and postcolonial literatures and cultures. The second part of the paper analyzes the challenges a research scholar faces while conducting a research on this comparatively fresh field of study. Since there is a dearth of research materials in most of the traditional libraries, one may find them in the web resources. The challenge posed before a research scholar is how to collect such information from the web resources. The paper is an innovative inquiry into this new horizon of online data collection and analysis procedure. The results of this qualitative study foreground the intricacies of judging the quality, authenticity and reliability of the web- based resources

Keywords: E-Books, Online Libraries, Online Research, Postcolonialism, Postmodernism, Web-Based Resources.