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Evolution and Growth of Pakistani-Owned Smes in the Area of Bedfordshire London (Published)

This paper was aimed to investigate those factors which had played an important role in strategic evolution and growth of Pakistani-owned SMEs in the area of Bedfordshire London. The objective was to discover some facts and figures about business experiences of these firms and make the finding a source of learning and development for other similar enterprises in the UK. The target population (sampling frame) was comprised over 42 firms qualifying criterion of SMEs. While applying purposive (judgement) sampling approach, a representative sample of 7 firms (out of 42 firms) with 18 respondents performing at managerial level was selected to conduct in-depth interviews. A case-based empirical investigation conducted around selected group of companies revealed that a number of factors including families and friends, qualification and experience, well thought-out business decisions, clarity of goals and objectives and dual socialization of entrepreneurs while living and working in Pakistan and the UK had played an important role in strategic evolution and growth of these companies. Analysis of the data confirms the vital importance of these factors in laying a sound foundation of these businesses to evolve and flourish in the UK’s highly competitive business environment. The findings of the study are expected to provide some practical lessons to newly built Pakistani-owned enterprises in the UK in developing and strengthening their businesses to survive, grow and succeed in the market.

Keywords: Dual socialization, EMBs, Education, Experience, Pakistan, SMEs, UK