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Decision Support System in Supply Chain Management: Literature Review (Published)

The term Decision Support System (DSS) is widely, though inconsistently used, but in its essence, it stands for any kind of “system” which provides valuable information necessary to support decision making (DM) process. These systems are much appreciated in highly complex environments where problems or tasks have varying degrees of structure, majority of them being unstructured or semi-structured. Nowadays, manufacturers need systems that helps to react and adapt to the constantly changing business environment. The internal data processing system of a company can only offer minimum support because it is related to transactions. Hence, DSS combine human skills with the abilities of computers to provide efficient management of data, reporting, analytics, modelling and planning issues. This paper provides the reader of a comprehensive overview of the state-of the-art literature on DSS and describes present techniques of relevant DSS applications within supply chain management.

Keywords: DSS, Models, Supply Chain, Systems