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Connecting Different Branches Domains through Mathematical Modelling: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Published)

In twenty first century, science and technology has get in to an enormous change in terms of different disciplines and inter relationships. Today the boundaries between all disciplines overlap and converge at an accelerating pace. Progress in one area seeds advances in another. Such types of disciplines are called as interdisciplinary science and have a huge potential to solve problems in many disciplines. Although such disciplines came in to literature and practice few decades ago, but still the broad aspect of such fields need to be studied. In this study we tried to show interconnectivity and dependencies among different science like natural science, social science, engineering science etc. and their application simultaneously in finance and plant science through some case studies. The main goal of this study is four fold: 1) First we begin our approach to brief and how make a distinction between disciplinary sciences and interdisciplinary science. 2) Next we extend this approaches and discuss about relation among natural science, social science and engineering science. 3) We introduce the concept through the analogy relation between statistical thermodynamics and economics 4) finally, application of the mathematical description in plant growth and to construct the dynamic models of plant growth.


Keywords: Interdisciplinary sciences, drug discovery, mathematical modelling, statistical mechanics and finance.