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Interactive Multimedia Development In Teaching Drama for Students Class Xi In State Senior High School 4 Medan (Published)

This study aims to: (1) describe the results of interactive multimedia development in drama lessons for class XI State Senior High School 4 Medan, (2) Describe the feasibility result of interactive multimedia development in drama lessons, (3) Describe the effectiveness of interactive multimedia development in drama learning. Interactive multimedia is developed in the form of interactive learning CDs. This research method is research and development. Research and Developmemt (R & D) with DDD-E model (Decide, Design, Develop, Evaluate). The results of the study indicate that: (1) validation of material experts with an average of 93% on very good criteria; (2) validation of media design experts with an average of 90% in very good categories; (3) teacher response with an average of 96% on very good criteria, (4) individual trials with an average of 77% with good criteria, (5) small group trials with an average of 87% with very good criteria, (6) limited field test with an average of 95% with very good criteria. The final activity of the development of learning media is continued by looking at the effectiveness of students in drama lessons. The study was conducted on the students class XI State Senior High School 4 Medan. Result of learning test of drama lessons on content material and linguistic text before using learning media equal to 67,9, while result of learning test after using learning media is 77,37. The difference is 9.44 from before to after. The result of drama learning test on drama staging before using learning media equal to 64,28, while result of learning test after using learning media is 82,65, the difference obtained is 18,37 from before to after. The interactive multimedia implication in drama learning is that learning media will provide convenience for teachers to provide learning materials, as well as provide convenience for students in receiving and applying the subject matter provided.

Keywords: Drama, Interactive, Media, Multimedia

A Critical Exposition of the Nature and Manifestations of Corruption in Ben Jonson’s Volpone (Published)

Corruption is a complex and multifaceted phenomenon which characterize the global economy and has different manifestations. To respond to this global challenge, a multidisciplinary approach is crucial in enforcement, investigation and prevention and it is a proven fact that public awareness/education is very critical in prevention. The use of drama to raise awareness and consciousness is very ancient and evident in all types of drama-traditional and modern. This study examines the relationship between drama and public awareness. It reviews the role dramatists have played in the fight against corruption. The nature, types and punishment for corruption as manifested in Ben Jonson’s Volpone is also evaluated. It is established that drama has played and still has a key role to play in the prevention of corruption.

Keywords: Ben Jonson, Corruption, Drama, Volpone

The Influence of Drama and Its Repercussions on the Vulnerable Community (Published)

This study sought to discover the Influence of Drama and its Repercussions on the vulnerable communities. Drama represents an ideal method of work if Dramatists want to put the meaning for people into a sizeable context. Unlike in guided practice, people are involved in real communication while they activate language to communicate real meaning, rather than just practicing language and thus develop their communicative competence in a natural way, using body language, making pauses and interruptions, showing emotions, and creating relationships. Drama techniques have the singular merit of directly engaging People’ feelings and, as a result, often making them aware of the need to be able to express them appropriately.

Keywords: Community, Drama, Drama Techniques, Language, communication

Drama: A Strategy Facilitating Equal Access and Enablement for Students with Hearing Impairment in an Inclusive School Environment (Published)

Keywords: Drama, Enablement, Equal Access, School Environment, Strategy, Students Hearing Impairment