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Unexpressed Emotions in Dove (Published)

Unexpressed emotions in dove showed its body expression 13 (81.25%) like incubating, tender, aggressive, feeding, regurgitational, flying, courtship, nesting, mating, post-mating, frightened, resting, helpless where facial expression were only 3 (18.75%) out of 16 behaviours. Age-related characteristics were incubating, aggressive, regurgitational, courtship, nesting, mating, post-mating and shame (50%). Except incubating, feeding, regurgitational, courtship, nesting, mating and post-mating other behaviours were responsible for the environmental factors (56.25%) and genetical characteristics were 43.75%. Facial expressions are not seen due to lack of facial muscles. Only aggressive and mating behaviour are prominent by observe some phenotypic changes.

Keywords: Animal Behaviour, Doves, Zoopsychology