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In Defence of Accounting Thought and the Development of Corporate Governance in Nigerian Deposit Money Banks (NDMB). (Published)

The study reviewed the role of accounting history in the development of corporate governance with emphasis on Nigeria deposit money banks from the primitive era to these contemporary periods. The study adopted historical review of available literature and noted how accounting developed over the years to provide necessary information and assurances to various stakeholders of the organization. The study observed how small firms and industries grew into multinationals and corporations which necessitated that management became divorced from the owners thus requiring a degree of accountability and responsibility from the management of the organizations. This need for accountability and responsibility naturally gave birth to the agency and stakeholder’s theories and also the development of practice of accounting. Through this historical antecedent, the study noted that the needs which brought about the growth of accounting also necessitated the development of codes of corporate governance and concluded that the codes of corporate governance actually developed to assist accounting plays its role effectively as a provider of information to its various stakeholders.

Keywords: Accounting History, Corporate Governance, Double Entry Book Keeping System, Nigerian Money Deposit Banks, and Accounting Development