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Libido-wrapped Double Barrel Crime in Pandey’s Novel ‘Danda Mathiko Gham’ A Study with Psychoanalytical Lenses (Published)

A novel, titled Danda Mathiko Gham, by Hari Prasad Pandey, succinctly highlights double barrel and multifold crimes, which are germinated and further fueled because of unmanaged libidinal instinct of individual. The author ascertains that such crimes based on incorrect address of libido may keep inviting round or series of other crimes ahead and ultimately spoils the individual in total; and his novel well endorses it. This paper unveils the very aspect on the novel’s plot.

Keywords: Double Barrel Crime, Libido-wrapped, Pandey’s Novel, ‘Danda Mathiko Gham, ’Psychoanalytical Lenses