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Negative Effects of Domestic Chores on Role Performance of Academic Women in Tertiary Institutions and the Need for Effective Management and Counselling in Cross River State – Nigeria (Published)

This research work investigated the negative effects of domestic chores on role performance of academic women in tertiary institutions in Cross River State – Nigeria. In order to accomplish the purpose of the study, one objective and corresponding one hypothesis was postulated to guide the study. The survey research design was adopted in the study. A total of 411 women academics were drawn from the four tertiary institutions used. The instrument that was used in this study is a 22 items questionnaire tagged “Influence of Marital Stressors on role Performance Questionnaire (IMSRPQ). Five experts in measurement and evaluation and guidance and counseling were used to establish the face validity of the instrument. The reliability estimate for the instrument was 0.73. Multiple regression analysis was used for testing the hypothesis. The result of the study showed that domestic chores influenced the role performance of the married academic women in tertiary institutions in Cross River State and the influence was negative. Based on the above, recommendations were proposed that women academics should learn to cope with stressful conditions at home by strategizing ways of overcoming such. For example the women have been naturally endowed to take care of their homes and as such should see domestic chores etc. as their responsibility and do not perceive the demands as a burden, however they can hire house helps or bring their relations to help them etc.

Keywords: Domestic Work, Marital Stressors, Married Academic Women, Nigeria, Role Performance