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Jordanian Domain Names (.Jo) The Concept and the Legal Nature (Published)

This study addressed the concept of Jordanian Domain Names (.jo) with regards to definition, explaining the key characteristics and registerable domain types in accordance with Domain Name Registration Policy that is accredited in Jordan. Therefore, it examined the legal nature and adaptation. Moreover, how their roles have been developed to be a legal tool after being a technical tool, to mark the online presence for people, which urged the legislation interference in several countries to organize related issues to the concept of those domains and their legal adaptation which is not found in Jordanian legislations that didn’t state internet domain names. Specifically, Jordanian domain under (.jo) neither the concept nor identifying the legal nature for domains and their position in legal concepts prevailed in Jordanian legal system. the registration policy addressed the technical procedural aspect for domains registration process without indicating their concept, nature and rights emanating from this registration. This matter urges legislation interference to organize legal issues related to those national domains which are distinguished, private and significant due to the considerations of independent legal nature added to the elements of Jordanian legal system.

Keywords: .jo, Domain Name, E-Commerce, ICANN, Internet, intellectual property